Bullmastiff and fear?

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My name is Andrew and I have recently gotten a new bullmastiff puppy in the past few months. Her name is Shera and she's now an 8 month 100 pound monster. She is absolutely wonderful. Now just to let you know I am probably not the most versed on raising dogs, but I do a good job. I have owned dogs all my life and have had 2 boxers recently and breed them. Now I have been taking Shera out to public places to get her acquainted with people and different things. She has always kind of cowered away from other dogs, besides the 1 boxer I currently have, but was wonderful with people. Would go up and smell just about anyone. But suddenly she has been acting a little skittish towards people. She will tuck her tail and pin her ears back and duck her head down when she walks by people now and won't give the usually hello with a lick. She does do it in the house, but not in public. If new people come to my house to investigates and then says hello, however in public she looks fearful. Her daily schedule is I wake her up at 6:00 take her outside to go to the bathroom, and then feed her and put her in her pen at around 6:45. I figure she takes a doggy nap while I am gone at work which I get home at 1 o'clock. Her pen is a 4 ft by 8 ft playpen really. When I get home I take her outside, and let her run around with the boxer for about 30 minutes bring her in then feed her and she roams around the house until about 5-6 and then she is out again jumping around and then I bring her in for a little wrestle session usually. And when I have errands to run usually 2-3 times a week I will bring her and show her to people and take her to the pet store about once a week to get a treat and see more people and dogs. Nothing has changed in her schedule and there have been no negative impacts in her life. I have read that dogs go through a small fear phase, but I am wondering if any other bullmastiff owners have experienced this issue. I have had that issue with my male boxer i have now, but he is still currently acting fearful in situations, he has gotten better, but not exactly where I would like him to be, I also have her around me when I am doing house work. When I run saws and vacuums so she can hear them and she seems to be ok with it (I don't run the saw near her by the way, she is usually sitting in her pen watching me while I run the saw). No noises or anything besides maybe the vacuum coming close to her bothers her, but she just fears newer people although she never did before. This is my first Bullmastiff, I know they can be a handful, but I have had 2 boxers at one times who are stubborn enough and I have her more under control then the boxers, her schedule is to the T and I train her on commands daily, she responds to every command, come, sit, stay, down, rollover, and up. I am just looking for some useful information. I also met her mother who was absolutely wonderful, but her father was a sire who I did not meet. She doesn't seem to have any aggression at all, just yet at least. I also had her house broken at about 4 months. I feel like she is very well regimented and am hoping someone can shine some light and just reassure me that it is a fear phase she is going through. I am putting her into a boarding school for a week with other dogs including my boxer whom she loves dearly, and am hoping her exposure to other dogs and people will open her up. I brought her there for a consultation and they said she would be fine to stay, but she did look shy. Her and my boxer and 2 other dogs went out to play and she stayed with my boxer and steered clear of the other 2 dogs. Please let me know what you think. and I appreciate all your help.