will a poorly breed bullmastiff have aggression issues ?

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my mum got my dog kai as a suprise,since hes been about 18 months he will not tolerate a stranger present and will show aggression. also hes started to be very dog aggresive even tho he has always been around dogs as he grew up and was very good.he has also started to lash out on people he nows if they invade his space example if he is laying or sitting with me or my auntie he sometimes will lash out at someone if they come to close.since he has showen aggression i asked my mum alot
of questions about the breeder and from the information i got i have found out he was a very bad breeder, they did not show them the male either so i wouldnt of thought they would have been temperament tested.my puppy was the most playfull one as she say which i think most dominant 1 maybe. any help guys ?

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our second bullmastiff was purchased from a champion line. We never saw the parents, the mother was a russian dog. I am told they are much sharper. We put him down after 2 years (and over $5,000.00 invested) of trying to help him. Poor Sancho. We're looking again. This time, like the first time we are going to see the family before we buy.