Bullmastiff Stop eating for almost week now

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Barked: Mon Oct 17, '11 7:21am PST 
Bullmastiff, not even a year old yet. Last Wed she stopped eating and was throwing up. thursday she stop drinking. On saturday took her to the vet and they said everything seemed fine with her. We had them put antibiotics under her skin. Yesterday tried to feed her chicken and rice as per the vet. Would not eat. Last night force feed her with a plate of chicken and rice. She didn't throw it up. But she is still same not wanting to eat and so sad looking with droopy eyes. I don't know what else to do?

She has incident week before of jumping off my ski boat into the water she was under for about 20 seconds and swam to the top. I told vet this but didn't think that was an issue a whole week later.

Any advice would be appreciated...

Barked: Wed Jan 11, '12 4:21pm PST 
I personaly would request an X-ray first to rule out injury from the jump off the boat. Second bullmastiffs have a fetish with eatting socks and other small house hold items if she has managed to eat something it might be loged in her belly or intestins refusing to pass and either causing her discomfert or making her think she is full.

i try to keep these items from my bully but some how once in a while he manages to nab something and I don't know it till he either throws it up or passes it. I always worry he will get something that will not pass so I keep a close eye on his food bowl to make sure he is eatting.

The only other time he does not eat is when he is going thru a growth spirt but he has never refused water. When he got sick from a poor dog food and was throwing up I did peptobismal for 3 days then started him eatting apples he went nuts over them after refusing everything else.

Wishing you both a ton of luck for a happy out come.