My Bullmastiff is acting out!!!

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Barked: Wed Jun 22, '11 12:52pm PST 
We have had our bullmastiff since she was a baby, she is a great dog, well trained and we haven't had any issues with her since she was a pup, she is now 5 years old. That is until recently. She takes food from my children, she gets in the trash and poos in the house shortly after I go to bed... after having plenty of trips outdoors. And not just one pile, she makes like six piles all over the house. I have to put the trash can on the counter, put the dog out while the children are eating and I dread letting her in at night for fear of what I will find in the AM. I am speculating here, but I think she is acting out because my husband has recently deployed... but he's gone away before, and she is my dog, I am the sole care-taker so that doesn't really make sense either. I am just so frustrated with her, and I don't want to be I need her friendship now more then ever... these things are so completely out of character. And I have no idea what to do, just looking for suggestions/help with this..

Barked: Wed Jan 11, '12 4:27pm PST 
You poor thing I wish I had some good advice here I feel bad for both you & your dog. If I was going thru this I would try giving her something that smells like your husband or even questioning how your feeling dogs are pretty tuned in and if shes more attatched to you she might be responding to what your feeling.

Hope things get better >smile