10 week old mastiff with toe problems

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Barked: Sat Mar 12, '11 3:59pm PST 
we got a female mastiff two weeks ago and we noticed when we picked her out the her nails on two of her toes were missing and the breeder told us she was stepped on by the mother well now she is limping and always holding that paw up so we took her to our vet and he was unsure of what to do since there both weight bearing toes....the breeder now has our dog and took her to there vet where he said they would amputate both her toes and she would be fine...we are unsure of the outcome and dont know if she will walk funny or will it lead to other problems as she gets older....if anyone out there and help us and give us any feedback and help to ease our minds as we are distrought over this whole ordeal but are thinking of getting another female pup she has left and if the first is ok having two females to grow up together so will they be ok together in the same household since they are siblings

Barked: Wed Mar 16, '11 6:19am PST 
Poor little thing!!!! I can not offer any advice as I am new to Bullmastiffs and have a 4 month old myself, but I have found that this forum on kinds of dog does not get much viewing. Try the puppy one, I am sure there are lots of people and dogs who can help you there!!!