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My name is Derbie and I'm a little over 9 months old. I only weigh about 55 lbs and I think I'm very tiny for my age. I don't know if this is a problem? I've been to the vet a couple of times, and they say I'm healthy but I haven't went in a few months though. My mom is also concerned that I eat EVERYTHING.... I don't know if this is just a bully trait we've got or what but some examples are... when I first went home I was in my moms jeep and she ate I a whole container of ribs....rib bone and all. I have ate and pooped out underwear on more than one occasion. I can't have any large bones because instead of chewing them, I swallow them whole. I also ate a cat toy... the one with the stick and the little animal or what have you hanging on a string on the end. She ate it stick and string and all. My mom and dad are around all the time, but I still get to them. As funny as it is, my mom is kinda worried. I also won't stop going poop in my cage at night. I do this every other night or so. Some nights are fine while others are a disaster. I go poop before going into my cage at night, and then again in the morning after they let me out. They bought me a huge cage for me to roam around in, but thought that was the problem so they got me a smaller cage that I can just stand up turn around and lay down in. I just went poop in this one last night and it got all over me. When I was little I didn't really have this problem, maybe once a month or something. Just figured it was just an accident. My mom and dad are now watching their parents Sheltie, Jangles, and her sisters dog, Reeses, a chocolate lab. I love to play with them! My mom is getting very frustrated with me so I need to figure out how to stop. Please help!!

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Hi Derbie, welcome! Debbie I wouldn't worry about the size, your pup looks very healthy to me. She may or may not end up on the smaller size, only time will tell. Bullmastiffs mature slowly, up to 3yrs. It might take your girl 1.5yrs to reach her full weight, then she'll start widening up. Our female was the runt of her litter and she's 113lbs, but built like a brick sh*thouse with a mug to match. Click on Kahuna's pic, scroll down it will lead you to Tomba. Click on her pic to see pics of her.

As for eating everything, yes it's just typical puppy Take care to keep everything out of her reach. A material blockage (meaning she can't pass it) wiil cost $1,000's of dollars to fix.

As for pooping in her crate has there been a recent food change? And what are you feeding her? Make sure the first ingredient is protein (fish, chicken, etc) and contain no meat by products or corn. Wellness is good for less poo's.

Put her back in the bigger crate. Also you may want to get up in the middle of the night for a week or two as there's always a possibly she's reverting backwards. It can take a long time for *some* Bullmastiffs to be solid in their potty training. It took Kahuna at least 1yr, but our female Bullmastiff Tomba was trained by 12wks. Who knows why. Maybe because we got her from a top breeder who starts their potty training by 5-6wks *outside*. We got her at 11wks and in just a couple days she was asking to go out. She also never went in her crate. I'm guessing her breeder kept their pen spotless.

Kahuna was a nightmare tho! In hindsight I know now it was our fault. He had a very sensitive stomach (still does), but we didn't know (duh) and he was our first Bullmastiff. We didn't know what the hell we were doing frankly. He should have been on proper food. It was our own fault he had diarea so many times overnight. We were simply clueless back then.

Has Derbie gone through obedience classes? It's a great experience and it's affordable. Puppies are frustrating enough, but Bullmastiffs can be a real challenge. Hang in there, it gets easier!

One more thing, it's not very active here in this section of the forum. Here's a link to a very active strictly Bullmastiff site I've been on for about 6yrs. Very knowledgeable Bullmastiff owners and breeders on there. Most of us have more than one Bullmastiff, so we've been through it all. I hope you'll join. You'll be blown away at how friendly everyone is. They'll treat you like they've known you for years! I'll also get my friend to invite you to Bodacious Bullmastiffs on Dogster. A bit more active!



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