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Captain- Morgan

Please don't- wipe my face- again!
Barked: Sun Apr 4, '10 3:56pm PST 
Hi from Morgan's rescue mom. I have a question about our Bullmastiff being so timid that he runs and hides if anyone comes around. Runs and hides if there is anything "new" in his house -- if we even just move a chair. Scared to go anywhere and refuses to come to us...unless we are sitting down. We rescued him at 4 months from a bad situation and were hoping he would become more secure in his surroundings. Put a lead on him and he lays down and won't budge. This is getting hard to handle with him now being 11 months and 110 pounds -- stands 28 1/2. Any words of wisdom? Yes, we took him to puppy training class right away -- didn't help. I have put CGC on all my rescues and have been a trainer for many years. Help!