Getting my pup Dec. 2 and have some Questions???

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Hi everyone I am flying to get my little girl on Dec. 2. My questions are about Vets and food. The Breeder has her on Pro Plan and I think its a lower grade food I have been looking at Wellness, Innova, and Flint river ranch and was wondering what some of your dog do well on. Next what are some questions I should ask of in a vet because I want some one who has some experiance with large or Giant breeds.
Thank you for your time

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Can you make your pup a profile?

If so, let me know and I'll send you an invite to the group on here I admin called "Bodacious Bullmastiffs". It's oozing with information that you'd find valuable!

Congrats on your new pup! cheer

PS I see you're the one that posted the Washington question. A couple of the gals are from Washington in there. I also know quite a few breeders around that area, too. I wish I could move to Washington, simply because of how big of a hot spot it is for Bullmastiffs. big grin

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As soon as I figure out how to get a picture from my email to upload I will, but for now I am clueless.


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I wish I could help you with that one!

You could certianly use a picture of ours for now if you'd like, just so we can get you into the group! big grin