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Bella and- Bailey

Barked: Sun Jul 19, '09 3:41pm PST 
I recently adopted two adult bullmastiffs whom were free-fed generic dry dog food from Sam's club, a local wharehouse store. Alll of the research I have done suggests that bullmastiffs should be fed in 2 - 3 small meals to prevent bloat and obesity. So, I now feed them (todays example--the meats and veggies change):

AM - 1 cup dry food topped with 1 egg (raw) with crushed shell, about 1/3 cup chopped cucumber, and a raw chicken meat about 1/3 cup as well.

Noon--1 cup dry food also with egg--topped with about one ouce of cheese bits and a strip of bacon.

PM--tonight I will give them 1 cup dry food only--moistened a bit with water

Does that soundabout right?

I know that they can't have onions, grapes, raisens, cooked meat. I would aprpeciate diet advice as well as a list of what they cannot eat.

Bella seems to be a bit overweight and hobbles around like she is 50--this seems odd to me for a 3.5 year old dog.

I would also love dry food advice--Peoplein teh westcoast (U.S.) would be appreciated so that I can find it out here.

The ledgend- lives on.
Barked: Sun Jul 19, '09 3:56pm PST 
First and foremost, welcome to Dogster! Your girls are gorgeous!

My first question and concern would be the kibble that you are currently feeding them. If you are feeding them a good kibble - there is no need to add in the chicken, cucumber, ect. A nutritious kibble is a kibble that is already whole and balanced - and adding in extras will only throw that balance off. The raw egg isn't such a bad thing - but I'd cut everything else out. (Especially for the girl who is a touch overweight - as that's just adding in un-needed calories. Another thought for her is to check a T4 to make sure she isn't hypothyroid - which is pretty prevenant within the breed.)

I'm also sending you an invite to Bodacious Bullmastiffs - and will probably continue this in there. You'll love it - and the people. They literally are like extended family.

gentle giant
Barked: Mon Aug 10, '09 7:44pm PST 
Hey Zeus, can I get one of those invites? was hoping for one a long time ago cry

I've fed my girl Eukanuba's large breed puppy food since I got her. That's what the breeder gave her and had been giving a few other previous litters with great success. My father had a friend who has an organic pet food company locally and my dad started buying her that food, she became hungry all the time, her gas was terrible, her coat lost its shine and she started to scratch a lot (definitely not fleas). I've since gone back to the Eukanuba food, dry only and noticed immediate improvements. Maybe it's worth a try, I'm no expert, but the breeder and myself are having luck with it.

Do you know what the breeder was feeding it?