not a bullmastiff owner, but considering a large breed dog.

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Energizer- Bunny!!
Barked: Sat Jun 6, '09 6:52am PST 
bullmastiff owners!

I have done a bit of research on your breed, but it would be great to get some info from first hand owners.

I ONLY own and have only owned for a while, my three chihuahuas and bain (who is 34 lbs), but wanted a large breed dog that is lower energy and a good housepet.

We are moving to a new city and I think having a large dog would help me feel more secure (even if he would lick someone to death).

Any opinions? Advice? Stories? Warnings? BOL

Anything would be great.

Thanks guys!!wave

Grizzy Grace. <3
Barked: Sun Jun 7, '09 7:37am PST 
Have you ever owned a large, powerful, dominant dog before?

Bullmastiffs must have a strong and leader who is willing to show them who is boss. They are a very the dominant and stubborn breed by nature - and not considered a breed for first time large/giant breed owner. They are a serious guard breed - and that instinct still runs thick in their blood.

I know the breed is portrayed as lazy - but this certianly isn't a breed trait. Many are quite active - and need a fair amount of exercise per day. (One of mine needs at least a five mile jog/day.)

Bullmastiffs also have the potential to be dog aggressive - (especially same sex) - and can develop a mean prey drive. (A reputable Bullmastiff breeder will never place a male in a household that already contains a male dog of any breed.) I would err on the side of caution with your itty bitty Chihuahuas and this breed. (A puppy Bullmastiff is literally a bull in a china shop.) A friend of ours on Dogster has two Bullmastiffs with Chihuahuas - however - they are seasoned, experienced and beyond knowledgable in the breed.

Another thing to consider is your living situation. I have yet to find an apartment complex or even duplex that will allow Bullmastiffs - or any other giant for that matter. Also, many home owner insurance companies will not cover or will drop Bullmastiff owners - leaving them with no home insurance which is a huge concern these days. Some cities also have banned the breed.

Their cousins - the English Mastiffs are far more docile by nature and as a whole don't have the spark of athleticism the Bullmastiffs have for excercise. In my opinion for your situation - I'd pass up the Bullmastiffs and look deeper into the Mastiffs.

Also, look into the BBD. (Big Black Dog.) They litter shelters nationwide - are always in need of good homes - and are proven burglar deterrant. wink

Edit: I saw that you were also considering a Great Dane! For you? Perfection. I often call Danes "the Chihuahua of the giant breed world". They would fit in perfectly for you and your family. Definitely look further into them! big grin

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Energizer- Bunny!!
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wow thank you for all the great information!!!
I truly appreciate your honesty and how much you know about the breed!


i will look into a dane for sure.


Grizzy Grace. <3
Barked: Sun Jun 7, '09 11:34am PST 
No problemo!

In my eyes - they are the best breed amongst them all. However, they don't fit everybody's lifestyle and situations. I just got lucky that they fit into ours perfectly - and I will never see another day in my life without (at least) one by my side! big grin

Best of luck with your search. If you have any Great Dane questions - please contact my friend Madison Marjorie. Her owner is beyond wonderful - and full of Dane knowledge. Of course, The Great Dane Lady has and will always be considered the all be it of Great Dane-ness! laugh out loud

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Excellent posts Brit (Miss Grace)! Everything she said is dead on.

Cobain we have a Chi and Griff w/2 BM's. Didn't know if you meant me Brit. Much abliged if you did!

exibit A on Kahuna's head

exibit A & B wrapped up in Miss Tomba

Kahuna and Tomba were our first big dogs, we'd always had Pugs before. It honestly depends on you and what kind of person you are. Do you take alot of guff? Are you a pushover? Do you give up easy or are you easily deterred? Would you back down if your pup growled at you at 4mo's for trying to his bone? Then a BM may not be the breed for you. These are things you need to ask yourself and be honest with.

Seeing a well behaved adult at a show or one that a friend owns is quite different from raising one. It's strictly up to you as to how the pup will turn out. Not saying you couldn't do it, but you must be completely committed for it to work. Or maybe you should just be committed for wanting one at all (wink!).

I love Danes. I'd check into rescue tho, for an adult, only because most Dane pups can be quite exuberant and of course clumsy. There's a zillion of them (unfortunately) stuck in limbo through no fault of their own.

Agree completely about the Mastiff suggestion. They don't care about alot of space or big yard. They love to lie around and are not nearly as challenging or as dominant as a BM (imo). I have friends who have them and say they are sooooo easy. Looks alone are a deterrence. How about a brindle Mastiff? That will have the intruder p*ssing down his leg for sure! Once again loads of them in rescue, check petfinder.com. Plenty given up because folks lost their homes. Already trained with having some background. Quite a few get on great w/the tiniest of dogs.

Agree about the *black dog* theory as well.

Big and little is doable. Management is key for it to work. I checked out your pages. Your Chi's are sooo cute!

I took the liberty of getting started if you decide to take a peek. Look for the English Mastiff.

Petfinder (Mastiff breeds)

In the end if you're still stuck on the BM we're here to help if you decide to take the bully plunge big grin

Grizzy Grace. <3
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Yup, Dana! I was talking about you all. I could've sworn you guys had two Chis on top of the Griff! My bad! laugh out loud

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I would have to say i agree alot with what was said about the Bullmastiff but each dog is very different! I am a first time dog owner and we have a 7 month old female brindle bullmastiff and she is wonderful. She's playful but she is LAZY she loves her sleep. I would say your biggest concern would be the little dogs becaue i know Sadie thinks little things are toys. But i will say I have heard wonderful things about Danes and we are thinkning that might be our next dog if we dont get another BM.

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Barked: Sun Jun 28, '09 10:18pm PST 
We just purchased our puppy a month ago. My husband wanted a brindle male, and I found our fawn female smile I won! Anyway, we only have a female cat, and 2 children, 8 and almost 5. Mishka is such a wonderful pup. She is very affectionate, and REALLY mellow. She makes me tired just watching her lay here, there and everywhere. We do play in the yard, and hang out at the doggie park to play or a small game of tugowar with her rope toy. Mostly, she is a BIG snuggly lap dog... this is going to be interesting when she is bigger than myself. Over the past month, with training her, she is VERY smart, and has picked up things quickly. I am so impressed with her, and am thankful she came from a great breeder, that you can tell, loved her and cared for her...tons!
Again, my husband did ALOT of reading on Mastiffs before he mentioned one to me. We had only had a litttle mutt prior to Mishka, and with the kids, I was nervous about a big dog. But now, even only after 1 month, I am hooked and wouldn't trade her for the world!