The best thing about bullmastiffs~

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What's for- dinner?
Barked: Mon Apr 9, '07 12:09pm PST 
I thought I'd start a fun topic for us to pass around. What do you think are the best things about having a bullmastiff? And be honest, what would you truly miss about us, even the things you don't want to admit to! I'll start first--

How warm they are able to keep you on a cold winter day/night!

100 pounds of- fun
Barked: Tue Apr 17, '07 7:13pm PST 
How cuddly they are.

Happy to Have- Found a Good- Home!
Barked: Sun Apr 22, '07 11:13am PST 
When we play rough and he pulls my by my ponytail. ....or when he steals cheese, but spits out the cracker. ...or when gives the drive-thru person a warning growl for sticking their hand out the window towards his Mommy. ...or when he goes through about six tricks as soon as he sees the treat bag come out (sit, shake, shake with other hand, raises up, sits again, lays down, puts his head down, plays dead) thinking, "Man, ONE of those has got to be right!"


Is it time to- eat?
Barked: Fri Apr 27, '07 9:03pm PST 
How affectionate they are...and I admire mine's determination to sneak on the couch even if just for a few minutes!

Milo- "The spit- machine"
Barked: Sat May 5, '07 4:50pm PST 
How quiet they are. My neighbor didn't even know I had a dog till she finally saw us outside. Milo rarely barks... but when he does, you know there's something going on..

Will do anything- for a treat!
Barked: Fri May 11, '07 5:21pm PST 
The hugs and the kisses even though the hugs just about crush you and they breath just about kills you I always love to get those hugs and kisses from my big guy!big grin

Tomba - She always comes- when called!
Barked: Fri May 18, '07 3:25pm PST 
The absolute goofyness that no one tells you about laugh out loud prior to buying one. The way they love me and make me feel safehug Tyler

Rufus aka "My- Honey Bunny"
Barked: Wed May 23, '07 11:10am PST 
I love it when we have cuddle time and Rufus wraps his front legs around my legs and rests his big head on my lap!!cheer

one big baby
Barked: Wed May 30, '07 5:54pm PST 
The smelly farts. shock You only find out after you get them home and you better just stand back. But, at least I know that my Baby is always by my side.

Is it time for a- nap?
Barked: Fri Jun 1, '07 12:01pm PST 
The constant companionship. Mack follows me everywhere!
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