Got a good shampoo? Share it!

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Lamb Chop

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Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 6:29am PST 
Im trying to find something that works well for Lamby.
Audrey- Hepbull

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Barked: Wed Mar 16, '11 5:51pm PST 
Audrey doesn't get a bath very often, usually only a couple times a year. When she does, one of the reasons is because it's shedding season and I use the Furminator shampoo. I really like it!
Elmer- Goliath

Barked: Sat Apr 16, '11 5:56am PST 
I use Vet solutions medicated shampoo as a general shampoo. However if I really want to use a really good follicular flushing shampoo I use Virbac's Pyoben ( especially on my one male who has thicker dense hair) Wendi

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Barked: Tue May 31, '11 10:04am PST 
I guess it depends on what your goal is - is the dog itchy, dry, flaky, sheddy? Or just something you like?
We used HiLyt, it was pretty mild and gentle. Until, of course, someone's allergies got a little bonkers...then we switched to Eqyss STOP (available online) or Ketochlor (available at your vet).