Tear stains

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Brodie Bear

The Furry- Bull-Dozer
Barked: Mon Jul 19, '10 3:12pm PST 
Bragg's raw apple cider vinegar added to food or water is what we have found that works the best!

Hold me, Love- me, Snuggle with- me!
Barked: Sat Aug 21, '10 9:42am PST 
There is a great product you can buy off the web that removed my tear stains called Angel Eyes. You sprinkle it on your food (alittle in the am and a little in the pm) within a few weeks they'll go away like mine did. Mom found a great price for it off Drugstore.com

Barked: Fri Nov 26, '10 6:43am PST 
My Bulldog had awful tear stains, which got even worse after he had cherry eye.

We were given everything by the vet. We had to use Malasitic wipes on him daily and add an ointment treatment for fungal infections.

Even though we did this they were still very weepy and he was very uncomfortable when they we’re cleaned. it got to the point where if he saw me getting a wipe out he would run down stairs! he hated thes smell of them too. which didnt really help as it was next to his nose and around his face that it had to be applied.

After lots of research into anti fungal/anti bacterial treatments i came across this stuff. it has low levels of silver extract in it. and within 36 hours of apply it twice daily. his folds had dried out and his skin had returned from pink to white. the folds no longer smell and have minimal amount of liquid. you literally dry them with a bit of kitchen roll. pour a small amount of the liquid onto a cotton bud and dap onto the affected area.

http://www.natures-goodness.co.uk/index.asp?act=moreinfo&id =3469&subcat=

It rebuilds the water resistance in the skin and helps it heal! its truly is amazing. and cheap. considering everything from the vets costs about £40!

Lamb Chop

I can sleep- anywhere!
Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 7:03am PST 
I have Lamby on a raw diet and giving her distilled water. Im using ACV and drying her eyes constantly and she is still getting tear staining. So far not much has helped.
Audrey- Hepbull

I am not dumb, I- am ignoring you.
Barked: Wed Mar 16, '11 5:53pm PST 
Same with Audrey. I will not keep her on long term antibioics (Angel's Eyes)and for her I KNOW it's her eyelid and wrinkles making her eye run. I am going to have the vet look at her eyes again, and may take her to an opthamologist to see if it's entropian that needs correcting.
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