Bulldogs and seizures

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Brodie Bear

The Furry- Bull-Dozer
Barked: Thu Jun 19, '08 8:13pm PST 
I haven't had a seizure but my dachshund bother Bama had one a week ago...the vet done all his bloodwork and thinks it is epilepsy as well. Good luck to all u doggies. ..mommy said watching that happen to Bama was very scary.

Barked: Sun Oct 12, '08 8:04pm PST 
Neverever let your vet give your dog phenobarbitrol it causes damage to your dogs liver. So ask for something else.

Barked: Mon Oct 13, '08 2:52pm PST 
Seizures are very common, more then most folk think. :o

Causes of seizures

When presented with a patient that has had a seizure, the vet initially attempt to find the cause. Seizures can be caused by many conditions:

Congenital defects
Blood glucose levels that are too high (e.g.; diabetes mellitus) or too low (hypoglycemia)
Low oxygen levels in the blood that could be caused by anemia, heart problems, or difficulties with breathing
Kidney disorders
Liver disorders
Infections such as canine distemper
Toxins, like antifreeze, lead, or chocolate
Fevers and hyperthermia
Brain damage resulting from trauma or poor blood flow to the brain
Certain medications
Primary or idiopathic epilepsy

with the loss of bowels, it sounds like a grand mal seizure, not the petit mal.

Tho, Usually with older dogs, if it's a youngster then you will have a very long time to find the perfect *dose* of meds that will help.

The drug most commonly used to control epilepsy is Phenobarbital. Dilantin and Primidone are other drugs used in veterinary medicine. All are phenobarbital-related drugs. These medications must be given *every* day. Make sure the vet is watching the liver count.

when you see the headbobbing thing, give a little sugar water or pancake syrup *in a spoon* don't try to force them to drink.
sometines it's a sign of temporary low sugar..

Pre-Seizure Phase: The pre-seizure phase is commonly called the aura. You may appear restless, shake their head, eg for attention, salivate, whine, or hide. These signs occur just minutes before the actual seizure begins.

Ictus: The seizure itself is called ictus. You may appear excited, vomit, salivate, run in circles, collapse, and have uncoordinated muscle activity, or release their bowels. This stage generally lasts less than 5 minutes.

Post-Ictal Phase: After the seizure, the recovery (post-ictal) period begins. You may seem disoriented, uncoordinated, and occasionally blind (temporary). This may last several minutes to days.
If a cause of the seizure can not be identified, the condition is diagnosed as idiopathic or primary epilepsy. There is no test to diagnose epilepsy per se, the tests simply rule out other causes of seizures.

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Barked: Thu May 31, '12 10:32pm PST 
In response to your message about if anyone has had problems with english bull dogs and seizures, I just want to tell you YES. you are not alone. our first bull dog went through 5 owners before we got him and was beat because he was having accident and throwing up due to the seizure and no one figured out what it was. when we got him he had several in a day to day bases. I took my bully to the vet and he was put on the same meds you talked about. here is some history to the meds that I lived with and my decison and why I made my choice. If his dad and I did not put him on meds his life would be cut short and that i could not live with his it was a dream come true that we were even blessed to have a bully. we had to up his meds a few time through his life (he was put on them at 2years old and died at 9yrs). once a year we took him for blood work to check his levels and organs but over all the meds are what did him in, but it did give us more years with him that we would never get. now we have a 11month old bully that just had his first seizure. we will have to keep a eye on him but if they are few and far between then we will not medicate him but if he has then like our first then yes i would put him on meds again any day. I hope this helps you know that you are not out there by your self.
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