Looking for a certian Brittany

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Barked: Tue Dec 13, '11 10:47pm PST 
My step uncle had or has a male Brittany named Gunner. He is a champion field dog and a Service Dog as well. I am looking to see if he has sired any pups or won anymore field trials. My uncle had ribbons and trophies as well as videos from the time Gunner was a pup.So I know he is a champ but I dont know how to find out any information on him.

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Barked: Mon Apr 30, '12 12:31pm PST 
If you know the registered name of the dog you can go to brittanydata.com and search for him. Inquiries for more information can be sent to webmaster@brittanydata.com, but please note this is not a database run by the AKC so the information while vast is not complete.