Any idea what Breed I am!?

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Barked: Wed Feb 3, '10 4:36pm PST 
Hey, I'm a 1 year old pup. I weigh in at around 105 lbs and stand in at around 26-27 inches to the shoulder.. Any idea what breed I am?

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Barked: Sun Feb 7, '10 5:59pm PST 
Maybe a boxer/ shepherd.
or boxer/ Rhodesian ridge back (only casue my neighbor has a ridge back/ boxer mix and he looks a little like him lol)

here's a few ridgeback pictures...[copy and paste in adress bar]

http://www.breederretriever.com/photopost/data/555/rhodesian _ridgebacks_02.JPG

Vote for harley (:

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Barked: Sat Aug 27, '11 5:48pm PST 
i think he's a boxer mastiff mix.