Boykins join charity hunt with Wounded Warriors

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http://www.akc.org/events/hunting_tests/pointing_breeds/wounded_warr ior/2009/

AKC Sporting Breeds Hunt With Wounded Warriors
November 2009 – Near Clarksville, VA

Members of the Wounded Warrior Battalion from Fort Campbell, KY enjoyed two beautiful days of quail hunting at Cedar Grove Plantation near Clarksville, VA. Mr. James Kinnear, owner of Cedar Grove, readily accepted the opportunity to host the Wounded Warriors. There was no shortage of dog power, with five Vizslas, one German Wirehaired Pointer and six Boykin Spaniels taking turns leading the hunt. Many of these dogs had earned titles, ranging from Junior Hunter to Dual Champion, in AKC field events. The local field trial community raised over $1,000 to defer the Wounded Warriors travel expenses.

The pointing breeds and spaniels worked in tandem with two pointing breeds locating and pointing the quail and then the Boykins were sent in to flush and retrieve. Doug Ljungren, AVP of Performance Events was one of the pointing breed dog handlers. "I had never hunted in this manner before but it worked well. The Boykins are a delightful little dog. They really know their business."

With the pointing dog handlers working out front, the Wounded Warriors were transported on a wagon drawn by two mules. Sunday night the hunting party was treated to a Cedar Grove dinner specialty – quail potpie. The Wounded Warriors appreciation was obvious. It was a unique weekend that will be remembered by all.