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Hey all, my service pup is having some issues, to the point where I have completely taken him out of any public setting in relations to 'working' He still knows his tasks, etc and does them at home, but I'm worried about taking him around places where other dogs might be. A few months ago, I was attacked by another dog, and my pup was on the other side of the fence from me and couldn't get to me. He kind of flipped out. Anyways, he got really really REALLY dog aggressive for a while, but I worked with him and he improved quite a bit, to the point that I could even take him to the dog park if there was only 1 or 2 other dogs. However, I recently moved, and there's another boxer across the street who is VERY aggressive, and consistently tries to attack my pup through the fence whenever we are outside. So of course he has regressed back to a high level of aggression towards dogs. The owner of the other boxer lets him run free around the neighborhood, and every time me and the pup go out for a walk or something, it seems like that darned dog is there waiting to bite. My pup will leave a dog alone once I tell him to, but when a dog is actively attacking him/me/us, there's no stopping him from protecting himself or I. It's just basic nature, and not something that I blame him for at all. Does anyone have any suggestions on things I could do to show him that not all dogs are mean, and that I don't need to be protected from every dog we meet? He gets along with dogs he knew from before I was bitten really really well, but any new dog completely freaks him out.