Lawsuit filed over immediate euth of boxer @ HS

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Barked: Thu May 28, '09 8:31pm PST 
I have just joined Dogster and am trying to get this story out to as many people as possible. I live in Alabama not far from where this case occured. A few days ago an elderly couple loaded up a pure bred boxer named Boost into their car. They were not sure who owned Boost so they took him to the local Jasper Humane Society in Walker County, Alabama. The dog was immediately put to sleep. Lane Reno with the HS stated that the made the decision to euthanize the dog because she thought he was a stray. This dog had on a collar, granted no tags that I know of, and was a very healthy boy around 1 yo. She also stated that there was no room for the dog to be impounded. Then she said that the dog would not have been adoptable because a catchpole had to be used when he refused to come out of the elderly couple's car. A suit was filed this past Tuesday morning against Lane Reno and the county. The dog was brought in at 3:30 and they closed at 4:30, the owner came to pick up his dog but they had just closed. He came again in the morning before they opened and waited. The owner believes there is a chance the dog was sold. Employess have stated that the lady euth's all dog that resemble a pitbull. I am desperately trying to get the word out to put pressure on the counties in Alabama. The more rural counties either do not have a shelter or do like Walker County and outsource the impounding to The Humane Society. There is a state law that requires all counties to provide a shelter and follow a 7 day hold policy so owners may reclaim their pets. Please email me at Bamatails@yahoo.com for further info or to be included in a mass email that will contain contact info for complaints. Thank you so much for your time.

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Barked: Fri May 29, '09 8:34am PST 
OMG if that would have been Rio I would have went on the war path! Suit yeah I would have sued everyone involved and probably would have sat in their office until they could show me her body! Oh that makes me sooo mad! I just can't imagine the kind of sadness those owners must be going through! Rio is 9 months now and I didn't know that it was humanly possible to love three dogs the way I do mine! They eat, sleep, and go everywhere that we do! If Ri was missing and someone had found her and I knew it and couldn't get to her it would be like losing a child! I think that humane society needs to be closed down!