Winters and Boxers

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Bindi Sue

Sweetie Pie
Barked: Tue Oct 21, '08 12:42pm PST 
I live in Indiana and it gets awfully cold outside during the winter. I know that Boxer's don't like the cold to well, any suggestions on coats or something to put on them to help?

Don't let things- bother you!
Barked: Tue Oct 21, '08 8:44pm PST 
When my sister and I lived in Colorado we'd play out in the snow for hours while daddy shoveled the snow. If you keep moving your body stays warm. Also try acclimating to it. But yes a doggy coat would come in handy and maybe booties too.

eat, sleep,- play, eat,- sleep,play...
Barked: Wed Oct 22, '08 9:28am PST 
It gets pretty cold up here so we keep outside time to a minium on the bad days and play fetch in the basement instead.

Hershey aka- Silky

lets play ball!
Barked: Wed Oct 22, '08 10:04am PST 
We live in Quebec and it can get pretty cold down here. Mommy bought Mia & I coats plus booties (mutluks) to keep us warm on those winter days. We love it playing in the snow even on the coldest days I dont mind, Mia does. However Mommy keeps outside times 2 a min. on those days. To keep us well excerised we turn off all the lights and play laser fanza its so much fun chasing that red light!!!!

Barked: Fri Oct 24, '08 9:16am PST 
My vet had a good suggestion for my mommmy, since it gets soo cold here in Ut (like 20-30 below), she said to start feeding me more, so I'll gain an extra 5-10 lbs to help insulate me. For those who have bought sweaters or coats, where did you get them? Also my mom is worried I'll just tear it apart, any tips??
Hershey aka- Silky

lets play ball!
Barked: Fri Oct 24, '08 2:02pm PST 
Mommy got both mines & Mia's(another boxer) coat at local pet stores. She had 2 do a lot of shopping around 4 mines as nothing seemed 2 fit. Mommy doesnt think you'll want 2 tear up that coat that keeps you warm but she does hang our coats in the closet with hers.

Good Luck

Boxer Gentleman
Barked: Sat Oct 25, '08 8:23pm PST 
JB Pet has some great ones that wrap around and velcro on for really cheap. They fit great, and are really very warm too! Our favorite coats are from there.

We have a closet where mom hangs the different clothes for us, on childrens hangers. Works pretty well. Even though we rarely need coats, we have them for when we do!

Whens the food- coming????
Barked: Sun Oct 26, '08 6:42pm PST 
I went to site called k9 top coats and ordered the neopreen jumpsuit for Tobias its great but pricey.. He likes to go out and play but hates getting cold this coat works.

I am all that is- Dog
Barked: Wed Oct 29, '08 1:18pm PST 
oooooooooooh my goodness bindi sue look at those ears!! u are adorable!! well for one, if my mami or dadi even thought of putting clothes on me, i would just hop around like a bronco until they came off, or until i ripped them off -whichever comes first. being in WI, it gets so coold all i do is do my business then go back into the warm house and claim a nice warm cozy spot on the couch. although, im madly obessesd with the LASER light that my mommy lets me chase around, and boy do i get tired from all of that running around in the basement!

This is Howie- Do-it
Barked: Wed Nov 12, '08 1:55pm PST 
I have a puffy vest that mom bought at Old Navy. It was super cheap...and none of the other stores around here carried coats that were big enough for me.

But I don't wear the coat very often. Mostly I just run outside, do my business real fast and run back in. It takes longer to put the coat on than that.
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