has any 1 seen this or had it happen? HELP!

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Barked: Wed Oct 1, '08 7:17pm PST 
i have like this greenish yellowish discharge coming out of my penis. my mommy and daddy took me 2 the vet and they wernt sure but they gave me some antibiotics. help please

Where's my ball?
Barked: Wed Oct 1, '08 11:39pm PST 
Ok, a little different, but when Xena (my girl) was a younger pup, she had what our vet (who is absolutely amazing) called "Puppy Vaginosis" and said it would clear up on it's own, and if it didn't, to come back. It went away on it's own, and we didn't have any other problems down there... I am posting this only b/c it was a yellowish green discharge, also. Maybe it's a similar type of thing? None of my boys had this.

Sorry I really can't help other than that if it's the same type of thing, hopefully it will go away soon... Xena really only had it the one time. Hope it's the same for you!
Milo {Loves- Ollie}

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Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 8:05pm PST 
i noticed that on milo couple days ago, but its gone now, i think u just gave to wait, but i would take a wet napkin and wipe himdown there thinking


Barked: Fri Oct 3, '08 9:03am PST 
thanks for the response

Barked: Tue Oct 7, '08 2:42pm PST 
I have that on my penis every once in a while. My mommy' s cousin is a vet and he said it is nothing to worry about.

Barked: Tue Oct 7, '08 5:46pm PST 
Its normal for some of that to come out in boys, but too much can be a more serious infection requiring antibiotics.

The King
Barked: Wed Oct 8, '08 4:41am PST 
I have that sometimes on me..I always thought it was jus left over pee-pee or dried up pee-pee..Unless it a whole lot it never seems to be a problem..

Hope every is ok with that..blue dog