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I Am A Chewing Machine!!!

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Knuckle Head
Barked: Fri Sep 5, '08 10:45am PST 
I Love 2 chew & I am always going through sooooo many dog toys!Even the ones that claim 2 be indestructible!..Does Anyone know of a cool toy that I could get that wouldn't be destroyed in 5 minutes!?!?!....

Barked: Fri Sep 5, '08 3:48pm PST 
The Kong toys work best for me. All others I shred the same night I get them. I do like my larger balls (from petco) and my rope bones. So far I've left the balls in one piece and mom and dad just keep buying me more rope bones every time I finally get those pesky strings loose! laugh out loud

Hope this gives you some ideas. We boxers sure do love to chew things up, don't we? happy dance

Barked: Fri Sep 5, '08 6:06pm PST 
wave I'm a power chewer. The Himalayan dog chews are good, the bully sticks are good, high quality bones are good, thick rope toys (supervised to throw away once the frayed ends starts coming undone)
Personally I wont touch kongs. Mom tried everything, but I just dont like them. So she got creative and cycles other chewies thru for me


This is Howie- Do-it
Barked: Mon Sep 8, '08 7:44am PST 
Here's something weird about my brother--he's a power chewer too, and he loves to destroy stuffed animals. But if you give him something stuffed that doesn't have arms and legs on it he will keep it around for months. His favorite thing right now it his stuffed soccer ball. He carries it around and plays tug with it and kicks it and chases it, but he hasn't torn it up yet.

Live, Lick, Love
Barked: Mon Sep 8, '08 2:10pm PST 
I have gone through so many toys (not counting the ones that fell into the river) by my chewing habits.

My Kong toys have lasted the longest. I have a couple of toys that are rubber tires - and they have lasted a long time.

Anything else is destroyed immediately - including some of those toys that say the are not destructible.

Hope this helps
blue dog

Somewhere there- is something I- can eat..
Barked: Mon Sep 8, '08 9:40pm PST 
I will not buy toys that have "arms and legs" on them because it is immediately the game to see who can rip them off first... We go through rope toys, mom buys the biggest ones she can find, and they definitely last longer than the smaller, cheaper ones... Once they become unraveled, it's time to replace... The tigertuff toys we get from the specialty dog boutique where we get our food... those last okay- they can eventually work the seams out, but the last one we had lasted for a few months... I will occasionally buy cheap squeek toys because they love them, but you have to supervise them, because they get destroyed in about 15-20 minutes. There are also some nylabones you can buy at PetsMart, they are expensive, but last pretty well and are digestible in small pieces. Again, buy the largest one! We also sometimes get the Compressed Rawhide bones, the 10 or 12 inch. Mom prefers the 12 inch, but sometimes it is harder to find, but we only get those as a special treat... or when Mom needs some quiet time or we have guests over...

Here's the website to the "Tuffie Toys" website- we have had several of these, and they do last a while, even with heavy chewing.

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Barked: Tue Sep 9, '08 8:45am PST 
me my self like cow hooves. Don't know if they are good for me but they seem to last the longest. I love stuffed toys. I don't tear them up for a long time unless my human sister start playing tug with me.

Whens the food- coming????
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 10:06am PST 
All my toys were destroyed too until Mom found the cuz toys now i have all but the alien one and I havent destroyed them (I ve had them for more than a year) got them at pet supply plus store. We found them online too. I tried the wubba toys and they only lasted 2 or 3 weeks. I am a toy destroyer but Mom wouldnt like me destroying any of her things so......

Louis Baby!
Barked: Tue Oct 7, '08 7:52am PST 
We love Kong toys and Cuz toys. They hold up really well. We also really like ropes the really thick ones seem to hold up well!! Hope this helps!!