How much do you weigh?

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Barked: Tue Apr 22, '08 9:59pm PST 
Beta is holding at 64 pounds. He seems skinny to me, but he hits you like a tank when he knocks into you.

Whens the food- coming????
Barked: Tue Sep 30, '08 9:47am PST 
I AM 69 LBS. My vet says i am great weight that you should be able to clearly feel ribs and boxers are prone to being all muscle with very little fat. He also said not to let him get fat because of boxers being prone to over heating and having heart problems and this could make these become a problem in later life.

Barked: Tue Sep 30, '08 7:26pm PST 
My name is Fonzie I weigh close to 75 pounds and I'm a year and a half year old male. Is, your dog fixed, I heard they weigh more when they are not fixed.

Lucy Skye- Diamond

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Barked: Wed Oct 1, '08 2:28am PST 
I just took Lucy in to get her yearly shots...and she was 54.4 lbs!!
Wow...I'm glad to see that she is filling out!My mother-in-law begs to differ with me and thinks that Lucy is too skinny.I've tried to tell her that she (Lucy) has her dad's body build...which is very lean and muscular and I would rather have her be lean than to be stalky.

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Barked: Wed Oct 1, '08 9:03am PST 
Mia is 4.5 yrs old weighs in at 55 lbs and she is 21 inches @ the withers

Silky will be 2 this Novemeber weighs btw 55 - 60 lbs , he has a lot of filling out to do & is taller than Mia. He was 22.5 inches @ the withers when he was 11 - 12 mons. old

Barked: Wed Oct 1, '08 7:05pm PST 
im 5 months and weigh 40lbs.

Louis Baby!
Barked: Tue Oct 7, '08 7:55am PST 
Wow. YES, Louie is netured. He was rescued when we got him he weighed 75 pounds but that was three years ago now he weighs between 85-90 pounds. He's a very big boy. I'm so glad to be getting so many responses!

Hope everyone is well!!
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Barked: Wed Oct 8, '08 10:48am PST 
I weigh around 61 pounds, but could stand to gain a few more. It's difficult because I have a sensitive tummy and mommy has been feeding me ground beef and rice. She's starting to give me more dry food now, though... and even half a milk bone!!!
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