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In exactly one month my husband and I will be picking up our Bouv puppy. We've never had a dog before. Although we're going to enroll in dog-training lessons, have been reading lots of info about the breed and on training, plus watching videos and TV dog shows, it's always great to get the advice of people who actually have them. Would anyone have a piece of advice for us based on their experience with the Bouvier?

Thanks a lot!

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I've owned dogs my whole life, but just got my first Bouvier about 3 months ago. Being first time dog owners you should be fairly careful. The bouvier is not overly popular in America primarily because most people don't have the time to properly train a bouvier, this causes stranger anxiety if not properly trained, dominance issues and pother various problems. They are indeed a very smart breed but do need a firm hand without waiver. My bouvier will be 6 months soon and already performs a variety of tricks on command. I am in the process of turning him into a therapy dog, since I broke my foot and sprained my ankle this summer I was forced to do obedience with him in a wheel chair, he could pass for a service dog he treats walking next to the wheel chair like it is his job.
My biggest advice to you is to goto QUALITY dog classes, please do not goto petco or petsmart, while these places do get their point across in obedience I would invest in a better set of dog classes then these, I've had my bouvier in obedience since 9 weeks oldsmile
Good luck! If you have any other questions give me a holler!