Black Spots on Boston...

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Barked: Thu Nov 20, '08 1:17pm PST 
Hi all!

I have two Bostons who are appx 3 years old. I have had one since he was a puppy and the other since she was one year. We moved from one city in TX to another about 3 hours away in September. Since then, we have also changed their food. It is the same brand (Taste of the Wild) but a different flavor. They had eaten the bison and duck flavors before and now they are trying the Salmon flavor. They also get some of the Wellness brand's Salmon flavor food mixed in every once in a while because the pet store clerk gave a smallish bag to us free when we bought the other food.

The thing is, they have developed black spots where it was previously white! The girl has only had one tiny spot show up on her chest, but the boy has had splotches on his skin show up all over his chest and legs. The hair hasn't grown in black, but you can see the splotches on his skin through the fur.

Can the change in food or environment have led this to happen? I heard from someone that it could be allergies, but I wanted to hear from other Boston lovers if they have experienced this before and what the cause may be?

It is so odd!confused

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Barked: Wed Nov 26, '08 3:49pm PST 
Gosh, I don't know. Brewster has always had black freckles even under his white fur, on his tummy and chest. I had Brewster and our other dogs..Pom and Yorkie on "Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream". Used it for a year and half and the last bag we bought, last month, they all had a reaction to it..two started pooing more and one started drinking more. I am not totally sure, but it gave me the impression something was changed in the food and not labeled about it. We since then tried other kibbles but ended up going with "The Honest Kitchen Preference" now. If our dogs are going to have a reaction to it, we didn't want to keep them on it. I have no idea if that would be what caused your dog's to get those spots.

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Barked: Sun Dec 14, '08 5:40pm PST 
Brody has black spots on his stomach and muzzle. I believe to be freckles, for they get darker when he spends large quantities out in the sun.

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Barked: Fri Dec 19, '08 11:16am PST 
Those speckles of black in the white markings get darker in the summer.

The "splash" marked Boston that I used to have would look almost like a dalmation in the summer when she spent time outside.