new borzois here

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Barked: Thu Jul 30, '09 7:56am PST 
hi we are new here im rosie my freind unfortinatley deseased now her name was Shy shy and she was my mommies mommy's sister so shes like a great aunt to me. and my brother he is a cow chow and his name is brock

Barked: Mon Aug 10, '09 3:55am PST 
Hey there! We're new. I'm Marina and I have the pleasure of owning a beautiful Borzoi bitch named Bagrijana (we call her Baghi for short). She's 2 years and a half now, and already croatian beauty champion, and on the way of becoming slovenian beauty champion too!!
We live in a big family full of people and pets in Italy.
See you!
Marina and Baghi

Lady Killer
Barked: Wed Aug 19, '09 11:24pm PST 
Greetings fellow borzoi lovers!

It's always nice to talk to others who share the same likeness!
You both have very beautiful borzoi, absolutely gorgeous.

Vladimir is nearly 2 years old, and even though he's not a show dog, he's a great companion and such a loyal friend. I wouldn't trade him for the world!