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Lady Killer
Barked: Wed Jul 23, '08 3:09pm PST 
Thought I'd start a borzoi conversation, since there aren't any!

I'd like to get to know others who share their life with this wonderful breed-

I have one borzoi. He just turned 6 months on he 17th. He is a white borzoi with silver/brown patches and dark, dark eyes. He's a great dog, and a joy to live with!

I've wanted a borzoi since I was in the womb and when I could finally get one (about an 8 year wait) I jumped at the chance. I studied them for years and years, learning everything I could possibly know before I got one of these elegant aristocrats. I found a breeder all the way on the other side of the country for me who had two borzoi, both imported from Russia and had a litter of puppies. When I called, they only had 4 males left and so I chose one! Best dog I have ever had! So...I named the little Prince....Vladimir. His full registered name is: Prince Von Vladimir Ode to Anubis

He's such a joy and so obedient and well behaved. He practically trains himself, all I have to do is give him food and water and just add love. He does well on and off leash, comes back when called, waits and lets his mommy out the door first without even being told so (taught himself that), takes things VERY gently from your hand, loves to learn tricks and just LOVES to be snuggled and loved on. Vladimir enjoys snuggin' with his fav peeps on the couch to watch a bit of tele, it's his fav thing to do.

He loves everyone as well, but doesn't go all crazy and embarrass his mommy. He waits patiently until he can go meet the other dogs and people. Only when his mommy tells him it's okay. He's just a sweet dog, all around! I just love him!

Tell us about your zoi!

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