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Intending to add a border collie to our family home after spending months researching the breed. I was wondering if anyone can advice me on the coat length of the border collie as I do not want a really long coat. How do I know when looking at various litters what the coat length will be in the fully grown border. Is a matter of pot luck?
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The breeder will know, and if they don't then find a different one, because if they don't even know what kinds they're producing then they're not very good breeders. wink

But when it comes to putting a deposit down on a litter, know the parents. Two smooth-coated Border Collies will produce only smooth-coated pups. A smooth bred with a rough-coated BC will produce either/or, and two rough-coats will only produce rough-coated pups.

If you're adopting, the length of the puppy's fur can sometimes be a good indicator, but not always. Depending on the age of the puppy you might not be able to tell. 4 to 6 months seems about the time most BC puppies go through their "ugly phase" where that downy fluff is giving way to adult fur. Their coats are usually very short and thin around that age, so being able to tell exactly the length of the coat if you don't know the parents can be difficult.

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If you want a smooth coat then at least 1 of the parents need to be smooth coated, the breeder should be able to tell you what coat they should end up with.

Ava & Nix, you're nearly right, 2 smooth coats bred together can have smooth and rough coated pups, the smooth coat gene is dominanat, so like my Teagan, she is smooth coated, but has a smooth coat and rough coat gene. 2 rough coats can only have rough coated pups as the rough coat gene is recessive.

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Oh, ok. smile Didn't know that! Thanks