Shall we get a BC- advice needed

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Hi everyone, could anyone help us make decision, whether we should get a puppy now? Here are our pros: we are active, outdoors loving family, living in a rural area, have a big garden, happy to train the dog from day 1, i'm home all day long. Our cons/neutral: have two kids(a toddler and a 7 year old), two cats, livestock in the neighbourhood, never had a BC before.
I read a lot about the breed, contacted many people including breeders, owners, dog behaviourist, and rescue centre people. Advice ranges from no-no to "if you train him/her properly..." We're sure about the breed choice but don't want anyone getting hurt. Is there any technique we can use to assure healthy relationships, or is it better to wait a few years until the youngest child is 5?
One of the options was to get a rescue dog, who is known to be good around children (and cats). But there aren't many like that at our rescue places (there was one but was returned the next day, because it nipped a 4 year old). Plus i want to make sure the socialization and training is done the best possible way.
We were told to get a golden retriever, but it seems too big and lacking ANY protective instinct.
Please, could you, Guys, let me know your thoughts? Whether it's a good time to get a puppy? What to do from day1 to make sure good relationships are being established,. How to avoid biting, chasing, harming? What books, DVDs to get before we get the dog smile
Thanks a lot in advance!