Collie specialist traingin near Peterborough?

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Barked: Thu Jan 24, '13 12:21am PST 
Hi everyone!

We have a rescue collie who is about one and a half (we think) and we are having some problems. Having had many dogs over the years, including collies, it's really frustrating that he doesn't seem to respond to any of the training methods we are familiar with, he's not interested in food, rope toys, balls - he just wants to play rough with our other dog, and pays very little attention to us despite our best efforts to engage with him, play, fuss, and so on. Had him 6 months now. Neutered.

The point is we need some help and want to find someone experienced with collies in the Peterborough area who can give it. Can anyone recommend anyone please?



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I'm assuming you mean Peterborough Ontario? If not, disregard my links.

Bit of a trip, but Cobain's breeder is in Hastings and offers many Border Collie focused training camps which may be of benefit to you?

There's also Dogs on Campus in Oshawa. The main trainer also runs the Border Collie Rescue of Ontario.
Again, a bit of a drive, but I've taken a few classes with Cindy and she is great.