an Awful Adoption Experience

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Just wanted to share my journey so far in attempting to adopt another border collie and how rough adopting can truly be

So in my early search I did find a dog that I loved who I felt was perfect to me. He was located in a rescue a few hours from me in new york state. I am in northern new jersey but I am willing to travel for the right dog. But unfortunately he got adopted before I put in an application. So it was back to square one. After several searches on Petfinder, I cam across Connor, a border collie located in Knotts Island North Carolina.
I fell in love with him as I did with the dog in NY. I put in an application for him, but they declined me due to distance. Again, back to square one. But after a few weeks of searching, I couldnt shake him off me so with some helpful advice, I emailed them twice asking them to reconsider my application. I told them a little about myself, told them that I work at petsmart and I am knowledgeable with with pet nutrition, different kinds of toys, treats, etc, I also told them that I had a border collie and that I am experienced with this breed f dog. Also adding that I am willing to come down to pick him up and return him in the unlikely event that things didnt work out. From me to them is a little over 7 hrs and I was sure to add that in the email to give them an idea on how far I was. After this I surprising received a response that they would be interest in adopting him to me and that they would like to talk to me on the phone. So i responded with my phone number and let them know when I was available.
They didnt call the next day, two days later I emailed them on my day of letting them know that I was available to to speak to them anytime that day and still no word. A week went by still no word so I posted on their facebook page to see why they hadnt contacted me. I even tried to call them no answer. Finally after 2 and a half weeks, I left a final post on their facebook page. So once again, back to square one.
I dont understand why a rescue would tell me they would adopt to me and completely ignore me. This was upsetting to me. I really felt this dog was the best choice for me. The fact that someone would to this to someone else like that just shows me that some people cant be trusted no matter who and where they are

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Hardly what I would consider to be an "awful" experience.

If they said "Come on down and meet the dog at x time" and then failed to show up. Or they told you the dog was great with other dogs and cats, and proceeds to kill your dog/cat.
Or even if you took a dog home then they try to take you to court because they want the dog back.

THOSE I would consider "awful"

You're trying to adopt dogs from rescues that are out of your area. Many, many rescues have distance restrictions on where their dogs can go. This is because anyone can say anything over the phone or on an application, but most rescues like to do a home visit to make sure what you're saying is true.
When you live out of their area it's a huge ordeal to find someone, especially in an organization that is volunteer based. These people have to take time out of their days, usually after a long day of work, and arrange to visit your household?
And with the amount of liars and bad people in the world, these home visits have now become a necessity.

Maybe the person who said they would call you, was after told by a higher up that it was still against policy. Or maybe she became busy? Again, a rescue is a volunteer based program. It's difficult to coordinate people to be available for certain times. Not to mention long distance charges. The rescue that I previously volunteered with could take several weeks before they contacted potential adopters over the phone - especially if they were going through a busy period.
Now that you've made your "final" statement to them, you're pretty much SOL in that aspect.

Adopting takes time.
I'm sorry that you were unable to get a response in less than 3 weeks. Unfortunately it's just how things go sometimes.
Please don't let this discourage you from bringing a rescue/shelter dog into your home.
If you do not want to go through such rigorous processing, you may try looking into shelters.

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it doesnt quite end there..

After a month and a half, they did get back to me. They explained (through a public post on facebook), that they had problems then they were using the dog I wanted to adopt to train a dog aggressive lab mix, and that if it was a success,the family wanted to keep him. They said they would adopt him to me if the family changed their mind. Which they didnt, so they got to keep him.
I had explained to them taht I am experienced with the breed and have a lot of property. But instead he got adopted into a city environment in KY, with a dog said to be reformed from being dog aggressive.
good mix? I personally dont think so. But thats just me, I mean I can list reasons why that could go wrong, but thats not the point.
Let me say before anyone jumps to the assumption of "well maybe the rescue had a perfectly legitimate reason for turning you down," or "maybe YOUR wrong in some way shape or form and the rescue was right"
well the rescue made NO attempt to contact me. I called them, they never answered my phone calls or called me at all. This rescue chose a city life for a border collie rather then a life with a big back yard and a non aggressive dog (and would of had an aussie buddy) to play with.

My question to you is how would you feel if you were in this situation?