Help us help him!

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I am new to this, so be kind.
We have a 1 year old Border Collie named Atlas.
We got him when he was a puppy in Eureka, CA, which has a very cool climate.
We moved to southern California and around summer time, he started to get a small dry patch on his elbow.
We thought nothing of it and gave him some ointment.
This then spread to two very dry and hairless patches on both sides of his butt, his elbow losing all hair and looking like an elephants, his ears becoming dry, and the areas around his eyes becoming patchy with slight hair loss and his nose becoming dry.
We took him to multiple vets looking for answers, and they all said that he is mite and pest free, and a food allergy is the only answer, or an environmental allergen is the issue.
His uncle had Canine Lupus, but we brought that up to the vet and he said that the symptoms didn't match up.
We started giving him Iams Simple & Natural, cutting out beef, wheat, and any other additives but it just seems to stay bad.
We are very worried and we just need some sort of guidance besides our vets saying nothing.
I will post pictures if helpful.
Thank you and hopefully this will help.