Introducing myself and Addie

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Out of line..- Adeline
Barked: Sun Apr 15, '12 8:53pm PST 
Hi. I have a 12 week old little BC girl that I brought home at 7 weeks. I did own a border collie 20 years ago and was in love with the breed but I waited until my life was one where I could be home all the time with my pup and provide her with the necessary training and stimulation. We are an active family, live in the country, have 40 acres, and I stay at home now, so the timing was right. I would love to talk with other Border Collie owners about their experiences and also pick the brains of more experienced BC owners.. I find that is the best way to find out about your breed by listening to people who own that breed. Addie is very attached to me. Today she learned how to go down stairs herself so that I do not have to carry her down. She is suffering from a bit of separation anxiety lately. She just learned how to walk on a leash and so we can start taking walks together. She is very welcome addition to our family and I am so in love with her.