Do Border Collies bark?

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Barked: Sun Jan 31, '10 5:19pm PST 

I love this and I do not want to Jinx it, but Jasper never, well not more than twice Barks. He is 5 months old. Sammy does. Will this quiet behavior continue???? P.s. Thank you for your replies I will respond.

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Barked: Sun Jan 31, '10 6:09pm PST 
I only bark if something is out of the ordinary....someone strange near the yard or the like. My sister Elsie never has barked...but she sings WOOOOO-OOOOO. Quite funny to listen to. I am not sure she ever learned to bark. So my experience is that we are fairly quiet dogs...but I am sure there are exceptions...or maybe we ARE the exception.

Barked: Sun Jan 31, '10 6:28pm PST 
I think I will be perfectly content to sing to Sammy on special occasions onlydog


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Barked: Sun Jan 31, '10 6:52pm PST 
oh my, I do think that it may be an uneven split of barkers. I have seen very quiet BC's but they are usually working dogs that have learned when barking is neccessary and when it is not. But those poor BC's that are left in a small yard with too much time on thier paws and not enough jobs to do, definate barkers. I work out in rural areas a lot and I have to say there are plenty of Border Collies that bark and bark and bark at me the entire time I am within a thousand feet of thier house. To be fair I am a stranger with equipment that makes strange sounds but I get much barking even when I am across a road from thier house. The nice part of barking is you know when there are things amiss around your house.
With our house we have 2 ACD mixes the one with no BC in her is my quiet one and my one with BC is still a pup but she resorts to loud insistent barking when she is frustrated as when the older dog steals her treat or if she cannot get up on something she would like to climb on.

Barked: Thu Feb 4, '10 11:08am PST 
Chloe, she is now 12 weeks and she has been barking alot, epically at jack, or when she wants something

Lives up to his- name
Barked: Fri Feb 5, '10 2:32pm PST 
I have never heard monster bark, he whines alot but never bark, he is 9months doesnt bark at strange people/animals/ things, i think it just depends on the dog, because my uncle had a hearding bc and he barked at everything.

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Barked: Fri Feb 12, '10 3:42pm PST 
laugh out loudlaugh out loud Ha Ha Ha. When we got Hamish we wondered the same thing. He never barked. Then one day he saw his reflection in the oven door and barked at the other puppy.

Hamish guard barks and on occasion will bark when we are playing outside.

Barked: Sun Feb 28, '10 2:05am PST 
I only ever bark when someone drives onto my farm in a car I don't recognise, but until I'm satisfied I know them, then I'll continue to bark. My daughter Pip is the most laidback, affectionate border collie ever. The other night some people were smashing up our letterbox, and I was way away from there with my new litter of pups, but she was really close to them and didn't even bark, what a good guard dog she is (NOT!!) Maybe your puppy is the same as her. A little bit of barking can be common with something like cars or new people, but apart from that we don't bark at all. Hope this helps answer your question smile

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Barked: Mon Aug 30, '10 7:27pm PST 
My border collie mix barely ever barks.

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Barked: Fri Sep 3, '10 7:41pm PST 
I think it's generally understood as an overall rule that the herding type breeds are a little more barky than others. Think Sheltie, Corgi, etc and picture the last time you saw one of those breeds run an Agility trial lol.

From my experience with many purebred and mixed BCs they DO tend to be more vocal than say, our GSDs or Boxers or whatever BUT they are also easier to train to stop.

We recently had neighbours move in with two old ACDs and they never...shut...up. They bark if the wind is blowing the wrong direction and it used to set ALL of my dogs off. Imagine sitting in a quiet house and having 7 dogs explode into barking because a neighbours dog thinks a leaf fell the wrong way XD

However it took very little time to teach my dogs to quiet down and they all have very good "quiet" commands on them. So now the nieghbours dogs can bark all they want and they can have their garden parties with loud music and etc and my guys are all quiet about it smile
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