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Barked: Sun Sep 16, '07 5:29pm PST 
Please teach me all about your breed because Mama is really interested in having one of your breed join our family.

If one of your Mama's wanted one of my breed we'd teach you everything we know.

Thanks for any who help us.
Me & Mama want to make a wise choice.

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Barked: Sun Sep 30, '07 3:28pm PST 
Boerboels are a very powerful dominant breed. They need constant training. Females can way anywhere from 110-140 and males from 130-200. They are wonderful dogs but, they do require alot of work and constant leadership. They will take over if you don't. Definatly a breed for an experienced owner. Not a dog for the 1st timer.
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Barked: Thu Jan 7, '10 7:41am PST 
I am also very interested in this breed. We had an English Mastiff, and I'm wondering how this breed relates/differs. Is this breed a little more active? If so, are they the wiggly, hyper, annoyingly kind of active of breeds like boxers? (No offense!)

Compared to other large breeds (like the English Mastiff), are they equal or less prone to arthritis? Does anyone have an OLD Boerboel? How well do they age? How long do you think they live? Our English Mastiff lived to be about 12. What are the usual health problems, if any? Are they prone to allergies, bloat, hip/elbow dysplasia (sp)?

How does their intelligence rate? I adore the intelligence of German Shepherds, and am wondering if a Boerboel comes anywhere near that. Are they thick-headed, or do they learn easily? Or are they intelligent but stubborn? All of our dogs have taken almost no training to learn to walk beside us without a leash. How do you think the average Boerboel does with that, for instance?

I have read that they are naturally protective without being aggressive, and that they tend to get along with other animals. Is this true? We have two other dogs, we have cats, and we like to take our dogs to the dog park when we can, or over to other people's houses to play with their dogs. We have never had a problem with agressiveness in any of our dogs (lots of different breeds), with no formal training needed. Is this breed generally good with the agression factor, or is formal training considered a must, like it is with certain breeds? Are they prone to dominance because of their size?

Are they very talkative? Do they tend to often have bad gas? We have always free-fed all of our dogs, with no problems. Is this breed an over-eater? Do they drool a lot (shoestrings)? (This is my husband's biggest pet peeve.)

Is it difficult to find a breeder who doesn't dock their tails?

As for their guardian/protective instinct, does anyone have any good stories? big grin

Do they look big and strong, but are actually wusses? We hve an acre of land, and my husband keeps a lot of rather expensive work equipment out back, so we like a dog that will protect the yard, as well as be a great family member. Are they more likely to stand there and bark, or to attack an intruder, do you think? My English Mastiff would have barked at one, and maybe drowned them in drool, but that's it, haha. I'm hoping Boerboels are a bit more fierce.

We had a German Shepherd that was AMAZING, but he had many health problems, and died at only 4 years old. We'd like to try another breed. We love really big dogs, but we're interested in the heavily muscled, strong type of dogs.

Right now we have two mixed breeds. One is a german shepherd-something (dobie?) mix who is scared of everything (he's been like that since he was a pup! he's the only skittish dog I've ever owned), one is a rott-lab-pitt mix who is the laziest dog ever - lazier than our mastiff was! And he's not retarded, but I'm sad to say he isn't super bright, either.

I'm hoping for a very large, powerful, protective, non-agressive, highly intelligent dog. Does the Boerboel fit this description, or would another breed suit me better?

Thanks!! smile

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Ivan, Sugar,- Victor,- Bruno

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Also, do they like swimming?