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Bella Blue

Soft & Fluffy =- must be- destroyed
Barked: Wed May 8, '13 6:52am PST 
My mom got me when the local SPCA called the leader of the local search and rescue team and said that 4 coonhound pups where just dropped off - the leader picked one of my brothers and he sent out a message saying at least one of the other pups would do well if anyone wanted to get into SAR.

My dad got the message on his phone (he works for the same company as an EMT) and showed it to mom saying (she tells me) I am probably going to regret showing you. They talked all evening and mom said she really wanted to do this because my "boy" in the house use to run off and get lost because he has autism (and some other stuff that makes him different then a lot of other kids) and he was old enough now that she could do this because she never wanted to have another family feel that panic and not be able to find their child.
She came down and met my sister and I (and our other brother was already spoken for by some family) my other sister was too laid back, too submissive (she was a silly pup) Then I was brought out and Mr Rich as mom calls him showed how I liked to find the treat at the end of the scent path of it and how smart I was. Mom said yes...she had to wait a few days to pick me up since our SPCA said I needed to get "fixed" first. I was so happy when she came back for me...she put me in the back seat of the car and buckled me in (I don't wear that anymore - another long story) but I laid my head back and enjoyed the breeze coming in the windows. The first place they took me I did not understand but there where lots of people with funny ways of walking around and then we went into a room with a man who just babbled a bit but I got a really weird feeling so I just laid on the ground beside my mom. Lots of people came and went and petted me.

About a week later we did not go there anymore during the day - mom and I stayed at home and played games.

Then we started to go to "work" and do a game where a little kid would go off and I could not see them and then mom said I should smell this thing laying on the ground and "find it" - when I walked right to him mom was so happy and gave me lots of hugs and kisses and some food that I really did not care about and the kid...the kid played with me!

We've gone to "work" a lot now - two years soon I hear. Last fall my other brother joined the team - He had been adopted but after a year the people said they did not want him anymore so they took him back to that place they keep you in a cage. Then Mr Dave's family found him and brought him home. That brother is a lot like me! My other brother, Mr. Rich's partner, just passed his tests so he is not a real search dog and can go on calls when the box near mom's bed makes noise. She said I will get to go by fall hopefully along with my other brother - I got silly for a while and did not like playing the game as much so I had to go all the way back to the easy stuff and start over.

Last summer after I was destroying the house all the time when mom's back was turned still (if it came in a box over the fence by a man I would open it and shred what was in it or if it was soft and fluffy I would rip it up (like two mattresses - mom was not happy about those things or her thing that she makes clothing on but it was so soft and smelled funny) They found my "brother" Lincoln Dawg in a rescue and they took me to a park and had me smell one of our blankets - it was my brother's blanket from when Mom went to pick him up when it was still dark outside. We played in the park for a while and then we played and played for days at home until mom and dad said I have to stop playing ALL the time - he wants to rest sometimes too (he's older then me)

Over the winter we had a dog named Liberty who looked like my brother all black with some tan but I did not like her all the time. She wanted to be top in the house after a while and mom paid a lot of attention to her (at least it seemed to be that way) and she LOVED mom a lot - so I would crawl onto the back of the sofa to lay behind mom's head if Liberty was on the sofa beside her. I just wanted mom to know I was missing her attention. Then after two months late at night Mom & Dad took Liberty on a car ride and a few days later they came back and when they did she was not there...they said she had her own new family now.

Now mom said we are getting a puppy for my human brother...to be his best friend and help him do things like take his medications and things. She said this puppy will not be bossy like I thought Liberty was but he is NOT leaving...he is going to work with my human brother. She said I may even like him.

Well mom uses a training program with me for tricks and obedience (as she calls it) called When Pigs Fly. She does not tell me what to do but sometimes says to me "give me something" and I have to figure out what trick she wants to get the treat. I can do several now...mom has not been feeling real great for a bit now so she is playing those kinds of games with me until she can run me again at work but she said we should work tonight unless it is to rainy...Hmmm...I can't wait to go back to work!