Difficulty Training (Basic Commands)

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Barked: Thu Nov 1, '12 7:53pm PST 
I have had some dogs in the past, but never a Hound. That was my first worry when I adopted this guy "will he listen?" I am working on the basic commands, "sit" "come" and loose leash walking - without pulling. I feel like the hound within him cannot be tamed. Any suggestions - besides patients of course. I currently use positive reinforcement, treats and a clicker. I feel like I can never let him off a leash or unconstrained or he will be a gone forever!

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As far as having your bluetick offleash, that may never be a possibility in an uncontained area. Charlie is okay in a fenced yard (with a high enough fence) or a dog park, but we cannot trust him to be offleash just walking beside us anywhere. His hound instincts are too strong.

Training will take time. A really high-value reward may help while you are introducing new concepts. Poached chicken, small bits of hot dog, cheese, and dried liver treats are some of Charlie's favorite "special" treats. Practice, reinforcement, and time are really all you can do.

You may consider signing up for a basic training course at a local dog training school or Petsmart/Petco. The socialization, bonding time, and having someone else help you approach working with your dog are great. Your trainer might be able to offer you some resources for working with hounds.
Bella Blue

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Barked: Wed May 8, '13 6:27am PST 
If you are still having trouble training I was pulling my hair out with my Blue Tick, Bella. She would only do what she felt like - when she felt like.

If I did "traditional" training with treats and repeat the command over and over she would do it for a little and then be like - I'm bored. She is a thinker (but then she is a search dog so not a bad thing) however someone on our team reminded me of a few things - one we have scent hounds not retrievers or shepherds etc and ours where developed to hunt in packs or by themselves with out us on a leash behind them. They THINK for themselves.

I finally did a search and found "When Pigs Fly" - yes when you first read parts it either sounds too good to be true (but its not!) or just clicker training. Nope not that either...it does use clicker and it does use food (teammate got my gal who is not a food motivated dog to LOVE veinna sausages)

As for off leash - two my girls brothers are on the search team as well (long story) but both of them can run off leash no issue for fun. Both have trained with E-Collars to do so. I have been working on her for ages and still dropped lead and she gets a scent and she would be gone. I asked one of the men if he would help me teach bella with an e-collar since he has the brother most like her (the other is I'll do what you want type) personality since I would love to let her run like she was meant to!