Do I look like a Blue Heeler mix to you?

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Scamp ~ From- Lady and the- Tramp II
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 7:47am PST 
Hi! Just trying to figure out maybe what breed I am mixed with. My mommy has been told by several different people I look blue heeler and it really never crossed her mind I could be till now. I have lots of black spots on my legs, tummy and back. She has shown my a bunch of pics of Blue Heelers and some of them look like me!! Let me know if maybe I am one of you! Thanks!!! Scamp

whos a good- boy??.. im a- good boy!!!!!
Barked: Mon Nov 17, '08 10:48pm PST 
yes my baby has the same spots on his legs and the same look when he was a puppy