Skin Issues

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Barked: Sat Jun 1, '13 7:26am PST 
I just found this page and was reading through posts. Molly had a bad skin issue last summer/fall with black rash, hair falling out and licking/scratching like crazy. We took to vet but that was early in the rash and they didn't seem concerned. (Molly said because wasn't them that itched) When it got worst I started talking to friends, pet shop owners and google. Found that skin issues can be related to allergies even food reactions. So with the recommendation from the great staff at PETCO I trialed a salmon/sweet potato all natural food. Molly loved it but rash did not go all the way away so back to the vet. Saw a different vet this time and because the rash had developed yeast infection we did antibiotics and started benadryl twice a day. Special shampoo every other week and continued on special dog food. Molly was rash free within 4 weeks and throughout winter. She continues on salmon/sweet potato diet (she loves it even though $$$$) watching closely to see if the rash may have been environmental too but wanted to share this with all of you out there.