Fred is able to go under water

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Barked: Mon Oct 29, '12 8:58pm PST 
Fred is now 5 years old, This last year has has grown 3 inches he is now 32 inch at the shoulder and when he stands up on his back legs he is over 6ft tall. He did this a few weeks ago when he could smell two men behide two phone boxes and a tree that I could see them he was walking along like a man , it turn out there was two men at 07:30 in the monring waiting for a lift to work , but Fred did not know that and was letting me there was some behide the the phones boxes.
Fred weight is 99lb . He has two meals a day 200 grams in the morning and 200 grams or 4 oz x 2.
Fred is tall than a standed blood hound now by about 4 inches. we have 4 new foundland dog that live near bye and he has tall as them he has a long neck and has very long legs. the only pain with this website you can only show one photo.
Fred is also able to go under water and take stuff from a bath fall of water he is a link to youtube show you him doing this http://youtu.be/nVhdX0IhHlw
copy and paste and you see Fred at 5 years old.
In the first few years Fred had to have stroedios for a year so the last lot growing I do not know if this was them or not as there are very few cross of this type you have to have a look round and see if they say anythink I can only talk about Fred. Fred was 5 year this month Oct. 2012. He grow from Jan- April when Easter was when I went for long drive and he has he own seat belt. As he can see outside the car when it moving what dogs are not ment to able to do. A few years ago I was doing 60 MPH when Fred see another dog on the side of the road and was in my lap looking out the window when I was driving . manages to get him back in the back of the car. After that I got him a seat belt to stop this from happen again. very dangers . But he can still it cout of it he put his food on the red button and he loose again so I put his long lead around the car head rest in the back and the seat belt so it as a saftey to his seat belt when he undo's he seat blet. We have had a big seat back with Fred with black dogs and people with head set as there was car seat alight just to the side of our house. not my car a nabours so it is quite hard at the moment. To re-cap when I first took Fred out for his very first walk he see a dog getting run over and every part of that accentant upset him he see dog's loose he think they are going to get run over . Fred is a big a very powerful dog who can open very door in an house if you do not want the dog to get to somewhere you have to lock it. Fred id very bright he only has do something once and he repeat it right away. I would say he has an IQ of 200 . The only problem I have with him he will not come back so I cannot let him of the lead if you have this type of dog your garden will have to have a frence over 6ft if it under the dog will get out. Fred just has walk aday up to 60 mins he a sprinter and tryer very easyly, but he is a watcher and tells you when people are around he spent hours looking out the window watching... dog The only dogs the Fred can only really paly with are Huskeys as they are strong dogs a lot of modern dogs have week backs so I would say if you were looking to have two dog go for Husky . Fred had a springer as a mate when he was young but my springer put him in is place but other springer may not do that a Hursky would be a better bet. This type of dog does not like dust mit's hay fever table are what work human one any type cheeap work very well I have not got carbet and Fred been off them and the sterodos for over 2 years know. So things are looking well. Fred love the cold if it goes under zero he really like it.So if you live in a snow area were it get down to -10 he very happy I court him ones at the other house sleep on the pattio. But this was just a once of and it was 03:00 in the morning and I got him back in again it wss only when I heard the weather report the later in the day they said it was -10 but it did not feel like -10. kitty
Fred is alway on the look out for cats and it though his love of smelling for cat he is kept on the lead when walking. He used to come back up until he was 2 years old. then he started to walk down a road that would have led to a main road and he cooked his groose and he as been on the led very since. blue dog this sum up Fred happy cheerful dog and very strong willed just like me