Fred lastest rescuce

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Barked: Mon Jul 9, '12 1:56am PST 
Fred is know 4 1/2 years old. We went for a walk a few weeks ago and there was a old lady looking very worried and I ask her what was uo and it turn out her dog had got lost on a walk with her husband up at a local allotment. I and Fred with me and asked her if the dog bedded could be brought down for Fred to smell. I went of with the lady daughter and we let Fred lead the way he took us up to the Allotmant that we had never been to and then to the park he did pull to ago another way and the dog we were looker sometime went up that pull he was giving on the lead I said " if the dog not at the Park we will go and check the pull" we went alone with Fred showing the way to the Park and we found the dog and the lady husband all with 30 Min the look on the lady face was one I will remember . I think this dog is amazing and the cross could be used to save a lot of time and finding people he been doing this from the age of 6 month with no training I just think the resuce group are so set in ther ways becouse they use colllie who use air sent and blood hound track Fred uses both when he is working he smell the air reaching up on his back legs so he stand at over 6ft high and then his nose goes down and tracks but this is the most inportant point when he looses the sent he stand up up again and smell the air again and then he is of tracking again he repeat this seveal time when he he looking for a dog. The bloodhound id known to be able to check a sent that is 6 months old and that was happen on this search for the local dog. I would love it if the cross was used in search and recuse he has save 3 teanages from sleeping out at night when a few week before it was sub-zero being me one of the teanages leather blet with a metal buckel. He can also get someone arm around there back the same as what the police do when they arrest someone. if you you do not know what you are doing he would break someone arm. I do as part of his play but I did not teach him to do it he just does it. He can open every door in my house and they only way to stop him from opening thenm is to lock them. He is a very fit and learn dog he also has very good eyesight were the bloodhound eye sight is poor. He been of hayfever tables for weeks now. So his skin is normal laugh out loud