Joint pain

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Arthritis in a 4 yr old BMC? Having a hard time jumping up on a bed or climbing stairs. As you all know, a BMC loves to run, chase a ball, swim. We take him out every weekend, he even knows what day of the week it is because on Saturday morning by 7AM he gets very anxious, trying to get me to hurry up and take him to the pond to swim and chase. 2 days on the weekend leaves him so sore he can barely clib stairs. Jumping on and off the bed is also painful and difficult for him. My wife and I are currently using Nupro, a supplement from Dr. Foster and Smith for joint pain. He's been on it about 2 weeks now. Hoping to see some results. Just seems awefully young to develop that and sucgh a shame for a dog who loves more than anything to play hard.