Help! New mama of a Black Mouth Cur and cats!

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Barked: Sun May 19, '13 4:31pm PST 
Hi everyone!

I would definitely appreciate anyones input on the topic... I just rescued a Black Mouth Cur/Labrador Mix from Louisiana and am extremely nervous about him around our cats. Before adopting, I talked to his care taker several times about whether or not he is cat friendly and had her test him around cats. She said he was fine with cats and even a bit scared of them. This put my worries at ease since we have 2 cats and a rabbit and their safety of course comes first.

We just picked him up yesterday from Connecticut and are slowly introducing him to our cats. All day he spent time with us outside on the deck while the cats watched from behind the sliding screen door. For the most part, Henry would ignore them but would frequently pace back and forth in front of the sliding screen door and would look at the cats from the corner of his eye. Then he would move his body around the corner of the house and watch them while his body was hidden. I can't find much information on Black Mouth Cur's hunting technique... but can someone tell me if he is just being curious or if this is threatening or worrisome behavior? He is not showing teeth, his hair isn't standing up, no growling... just this back and forth sort of staring and pacing. He did bark at the cat once or twice but stopped once we intervened.

At night he is currently sleeping in the guest bedroom. Does anyone have any advice or techniques on how to train a dog around cats? We have a Jack Russell Terrier who is fine with the cats and fostered a Black Labrador Retriever but they were never interested in the cats.

Someone please help! I am worried sick over this... I would hate to find out that we may have adopted a dog (that we already love) that isn't suited for our family.

Thank you!


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