Black mouth curs and cats?

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Lil Country Boy
Barked: Sun Jul 24, '11 1:08pm PST 
I am wondering, because my dog has black mouth cur in him and it says they shouldnt be trusted with small animals...if anyones ever had a BMC get along perfectly fine with their cat?

I have a 3 year old cat and a 3 month old chow x black mouth cur x rhodesian ridgeback mix. He likes to run at the cats barking and snapping, and when they run away he chases them and pounces on em. If they claw him he gets vicious and the only thing that stops him is if i go 'Liam, Enough' if my mom tells him to knock it off he ignores her.

So my question is, as Liam grows will my cat be safe or not?

Lets Go! I'm- bored!
Barked: Sat Feb 25, '12 10:50pm PST 
I hope all is going well. I think its more in how they are raised than the breed specificly when it comes to something like this. We have a BMC and four cats. Three of those were here before we got Rusty. He's actually scared of one of them. The other two he's very attentive to (sniffs the ears and bum, cleans them), the fourth he just ignores. The cat is old and sleeps. Our biggest issue is Rusty not knowing his size and wanting to play.