Never knew black mouth cur's existed!

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Lets Go! I'm- bored!
Barked: Wed Jun 17, '09 1:14am PST 
Hi ya'll, I'm the proud owner of 3 dogs and 3 cats... our newest addition is Rusty our suspected black mouth cur! I got him from a woman giving away puppies at walmart. She said the mom was a boxer... It's looking like he's probally full blooded BMC. He's 50lbs and 27in... 7 months old and full of energy. Does anyone here have young children? I am due in october with our first baby. I'm fairly certian Rusty will be fine with the baby since I have owned dogs for years... some folks have said we need to get rid of him though because he's too rough... I'm noticing the bigger he gets the calmer he becomes... he won't run in the house!