Am I a Black Mouth Cur?

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Pax Norman- Lombardo

Barked: Mon Jan 12, '09 8:26am PST 
My name is Pax and I am a 9 month old puppy, full of love and energy!

We got Pax from the pound in Tallahassee, FL when he was only around 8 weeks old--he had been found in northern FL/south GA alone, no litter mates and no mom to be found, on the streets. At the pound, they had him listed as a German Shepherd/Pit Bull/Chow mix. I think it is pretty evident from the photos, that is not the case. As he continues to grow, we find he seems to fit the description of Black Mouth Cur more and more--one eye that leaks, sometimes dry sensitive skin, he points like a hunting dog, extremely energetic, extremely smart. Not to mention the standard muscular frame and black mask.

Any thoughts on Pax's blood lines? Please check out the pictures--I will have newer ones soon. These are from age 3 months to 8 months. In the past month, he has grown to his current 50-60 pounds.

Chassis- Belle

Any day is a- great day to- play!
Barked: Fri Feb 27, '09 5:17pm PST 
I think he is probably one of the red coated black mouth curs. He is very cute. I am a yellow coated BMC! We make excellent family dogs, but we are not always too fond of strangers! i love any activity that requires me to think, and mom says that I am super-smart. Of course, I was bred to hunt mountain lions and bears, so brains are a plus!!