Hello all Im new

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Barked: Fri Oct 26, '07 1:49pm PST 
Just got on here and I guess I was hoping I could actually find some info on BMCs from their owners. SO here goes.

My new puppy is male. Havent picked him up yet so I cant tell oyu all of his isms but he is a big boy, giant feet and head. SO now I get to thinking. I am a carpenter and do alot of work on ranches and such in the country. My family has always brought their dogs to the job with them rather than leave them at home, so if I do this with my big boy how prone do you think he will be to running off if not on a leash. Also, does anyone ever hunt or herd with their dog, success Rate? etc

I know this is an energetic breed and I know I will be out and about with him for many many miles, Anyone have any luck on kennel training? I intend for him to stay insid at night. THanks love to hear any funny quarks and things youve trained. Talk soon


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Barked: Thu Nov 1, '07 9:53am PST 
Hello to TEK & RS! JerryLee and I are in N.W. Florida. Wanted to say "Hi" and tell you what a beautiful pup you have! We have been together since J.L. was 6-7 weeks old. He is my constant companion. He stays with me indoors and out. I think I must be the only person with a BMC that has had problems,J.L. is extremely aggressive towards humans(he will bite),so I won't be qualified to give you any training advice. We are still a work in progress! I can tell you that BMC love to hunt. JerryLee is a self-taught deer dog. We have many acres of woods and fields to walk in. J.L. decided that deer(he has no interest in treeing coons)were his prey of choice. He will sound when he gets on a fresh track then the chase begins! I am amazed at how many times he will "turn" a deer and run it right back to me. If I was hunting, my freezer would always be full! I have a friend that works cattle with BMC's. He swears by them. Says occasionally they'll get on the wrong cow and it's the "dickens" to get them off. They will go in the woods and bring that cow back out! BMC's are very smart...mine is stubborn! If you want to take your pup to work with you I'm sure it would work out. You might have to keep him leashed a few times until he understands what you want him to do. I hope other BMC folks will share their thoughts with you too. You asked about quirks, I've already mentioned J.L.'s aggression towards humans, he is unpredictable and will bite family and friends...I think this is a personal problem with him and not breed specific. They are a tough, athletic breed. J.L. can jump a hog wire fence standing flat-footed.(no running start) He doesn't like to have his paws messed with. He was raised with a cat and they play and get along just fine. He is good to bark at strange noises and keep the varmits out of the yard at night. Hope this has been helpful...stay in touch and let us know how life with Tek is going! Woof! J.L. & his ma