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HELOOOO out there?!?

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Barked: Wed Oct 28, '09 8:04am PST 

I'm Sam. I was adopted from the shelter. They thought I'm bloodhound mix, but my parents think I'm pure coonhound. I look like one and I behave like one ( yes, I'm treeing squirrels and can jump to the end of 6 feet fence, trying to get them). I'm intelligent though I'm independent and most of the time I don't want to do what my parents ask me too. I know what they want, but I really don't care if I will please them (not like my brother, he always wants to please them). I can do some tricks if I will get some good treats. But I love squirrels more than food ( not like my brother, he will do anything for food!). I like to play with my brother Max, though he is very rough. And of course I love to bark. All neighborhood can hear me when I bark at the squirrels and frogs. I love everyday walks. I pull too hard when I'm excited. Even no-pull harness is not very helpful. But, well my parents love me very much, though I'm not as obedient as Max.
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