Tear Stains make me look like a racoon! LOL

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Barked: Thu May 9, '13 2:48pm PST 
Hello!! I have been with my new mummy now for 2 weeks and she has done TONS of research on how to get rid of my tear stains (its around my mouth too, and I lick my feet often, so they have a pinkish tint too!).

I changed my diet yesterday from FROMM Surf & Turf to Pedigree (SOOOO good! gobbled up my bowl in .1 seconds!). Can you please suggest any methods that have worked for you? Thanks!!!!

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Barked: Sun Sep 29, '13 8:02pm PST 
Our Bichon Snowy will be 15 in two weeks. He is truly SNOW WHITE. As long as you feed them natural food or food from the vet (we feed prescription food for bladder stones) and this should not happen. Snowy has never had any allergies and the only time he got the tear stains was before I put him on all natural food and then I stopped for awhile but the went on the prescription. Honestly, if I had to do all over again I probably would have done the prescription from day one.