Bichon Frenzy

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Barked: Fri Jun 22, '12 8:18am PST 
Hi, I wonder if anybody can advise. I have a Bichon Frise girl. She will be 1 year old in August.
I have had a Bichon before and other dogs so have had dogs most of my life.

This little girl however is proving a tough cookie to crack. The mouthing, biting and excitement when people come to the house is gradually putting them off coming to the house. I have never seen a dog behave in this manner before to such an extent. I have had a dog trainer in and followed all her instructions. Nope didnt work. My friend used to train dogs. she has tried. Nope hasnt worked.
She walks up to food, and tries to take it. Ill say "away" and she will just shoot through my legs and run about knowing that I cant catch her. She is just totally unruly and doesnt listen to a word I say. There is a long list of things she does and she just seems to think she is boss. I have tried for months and months to try and train her. Walking is a nightmare too with her tugging at the lead and she just wont walk to heel. again I have tried different training methods with this.

Can anybody shed any light on what I could do next